Treating prostate disease

Your treatment for prostate malignant tumors will depend on the individual conditions.

No treatment will be necessary for many men with prostate cancer. Dynamic surveillance means keeping track of the disease and treatment that is starting in the event that disease demonstrates signs and symptoms of getting even worse or causing symptoms.

When treatment solutions are required, the goal is to heal or get a grip on the disease so it does not reduce life span and affects life that is everyday small as possible. Often, if the malignant tumors has distribute, the goal isn’t to treat they, but to prolong delay and life signs.

Several in the following treatment options may feel an alternative for you.

High intensity centered ultrasound (HIFU) treatment
UCLH is the largest centre that is national promoting High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment for prostate cancers. This is usually a targeted treatment for prostate disease which utilizes high volume ultrasound waves to destroy cancers tissue for the prostate. HIFU can be used to cure males with localised prostate cancers that has had not spread beyond their prostate.

a probe that is ultrasound into the anus releases high-frequency sound waves through the wall surface from the anus. These seem swells destroy disease tissue for the prostate gland by warming these to a high-temperature.
The risk of negative effects from HIFU is usually lower than some other remedies. However, possible impacts can include impotence (in five to 10 in most 100 people) or incontinence that is urinaryin lower than one out of every 100 males). Right Back passageway problems are rare. Fistulas (an irregular station between the urinary tract and colon) are uncommon, impacting less than one out of every 500 boys. Simply because the treatment targets the malignant tumors area best and never the prostate that is whole.

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